FAIB - Out Of Space / Forgiveness [RAN017]

Out Of Space / Forgiveness

The Ranking Records crew are back with a ten leagues deep slab of pure intensity from 21-year old Russian Marina Faib. With releases on Ranking (Ticking Clocks/Whisper of Trees), Smoking Sessions and Redvolume, Faib has already stamped an impressive mark on the bass music scene, carving a niche for herself amongst fans of the soulful, yearning sounds of Burial, Syknro and Quark.

Out of Space/Forgiveness shows Faib’s mastery of emotive chord sequences, velvety sub bass and hypnotic synth lines, but it her soothing vocals hanging above the instrumentals that take the tunes to the next level, beckoning the listener into a dreamy, ethereal musical dimension.
With Out of Space, Faib manages to harness an intimate vibe, blending dubstep sub bass with techno and downtempo synth arps.

“Let me take you out of space, to a place that’s full of grace” is the simple recurring theme that ebbs and flows with the instrumental.
Forgiveness is a drum and bass tempo exploration of epic synth lines, euphoric piano themes and heavy rasping basslines. Celestial vocals sit atop dreamlike pads, creating an atmosphere of vastness and wonder that has become synonymous with Faib’s output.

If you’re looking for deep, ghostly music, Out of Space/Forgiveness will comprehensively hit the spot. Ranking Records is well known for releasing some of the most intriguing and forward-thinking music on the market, so expect nothing less from this very special piece of work from the Russian prodigy.

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