Quantum Soul

Quantum Soul

Quantum Soul (aka Guy Chambers) is a music producer from Buckinghamshire.  He has been involved in the production of music for over a decade.  His first experience in a studio was in 1996 when he recorded an EP with his band.  This gave him his first real taste of studio life. Fast-forward to 1999 and a serendipitous encounter whilst Guy was performing a gig, lead to Guy’s involvement with the recording of a soundtrack for a local filmmaker.  The stage was set for him to begin the long path towards crafting his own sound.

Between 1999 and 2002 Guy worked intensively at his friends studio, and between them they produced a wealth of material.  This period culminated in a trip toMauritiusto record music for a documentary for the Mauritian Wildlife Foundation (MWF).  The documentary was aired at the Earth Summit inJohannesburgthat year.  In 2002, armed with a computer, studio software and the alias ‘Quantum Soul’, Guy went to University inLeeds.  It was there were he met and began collaborating with Dom ‘Ruckspin’ and Ed ‘Quark’, producing material which foreshadowed the rise of dubstep, by fusing elements from dub, hip hop and drum and bass.

Taking heavy influences from dub and ‘world’ music, Guy’s production style is unique enough to be recognisable as the Quantum sound.  Conscious of the spiritual power of music he has, over the years, sought to maintain a ‘worldy’ feel to his tunes, producing music which engages the listener with its rich mixture of organic textures, primal rhythms, ethnic riffs and bass weight.

With a number of releases on Ranking Records and Dubting, Quantum is fast gaining respect from dubstep listeners and DJ’s worldwide.  He is now ready to bring his sound to the globe and is available for bookings.

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Releases From Quantum Soul

Latest Releases

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